Welcome to HandsOn

We’re HandsOn, an events company that exists to give people wholesome, fun and shared experiences that supports communities and societies.  We provide companies and organisations with an opportunity to get their people to join together and contribute to help their own local community and people… from schools and youth groups to charities and local authorities.

What your organisation and teams will experience...

  • Shared, tangible experiences between your teams - improving working relationships and connections
  • A real feeling of group pride and achievement by giving back to a local community, school or charity
  • We focus on making our experiences fun and enjoyable for everyone involved - making them events that people will fondly remember and aiming to help improve individual wellbeing of staff and employees

Our HandsOn Days

We want to give people an experience they’ll really remember. An event that will connect people, be fun and practical, and instil in a sense of pride in everyone involved.

We’d like to welcome you to our HandsOn days…

Our HandsOn days sees teams get directly involved in tangible builds that benefit societies and communities.

We work with range of communities, schools and social groups to design and plan spaces that will help improve the day to day lives of their people.

From these discussions, we develop an engaging construction experience that's tailor made for businesses to get their teams together for a fun, practical and socially rewarding event.

The corporate teams convene at the chosen community, charity or school for their HandsOn day, which is exactly that… HandsOn!

Being presented with an assortment of HandsOn builds at the beginning of the day, teams spend the day collaboratively constructing new facilities and spaces for the receiving community using a variety of tools.

Our HandsOn team will be on hand to ensure a fun, safe and memorable day for everyone involved.

At the end of the experience and the completion of the build, teams will get to see the absolute joy on the faces of the people that will use the new facilities… whether they’re children from a school; patients from a hospital or local families from the community. This gives an authentic and collective sense of achievement to the teams that have built the new spaces by hand.


Our HandsOn events also encourage companies to form concrete partnerships between their organisation and their local community and people. Our team can help organisations grow long-term social-economic relationships with communities, helping to promote the importance of sustainable practices and values to their own workforce and their own clients, customers and partnerships.



Questions? / FAQs...


Who takes part in HandsOn Days?

  • Corporate teams
  • Sports teams
  • Philanthropists
  • Families & friends

What type of communities do we work with?

  • Charities and NGOs
  • Schools
  • Sports and youth groups
  • Social groups and clubs
  • Local communities

About us...

Having spent years designing and delivering projects all over the globe, the HandsOn founders - Sam and Toby - wanted to build a company that truly spoke to people’s need of being together and sharing collective experiences that everyone involved can benefit from.


Sam Harradine
Co-founder and Managing Director

Managing HandsOn has come after several years in the industry working with businesses, business schools, universities and sports teams to plan and deliver high-quality team building and ‘away days’ that benefit charities, communities and schools all over the world. Previous to working in the corporate events industry, Sam spent 15 years in the Royal Navy, commissioning through the ranks and leaving as a Lieutenant Commander.

"Getting people together, working outside, getting HandsOn and doing something that individuals have never done before is a great way to help build a team. More importantly, creating something lasting for a charity or community gives a massive sense of achievement and pride.

Attending one of our fun filled, actioned packed HandsOn days can help any individual and team, especially in these uncertain times where many people have found themselves working from home and are perhaps feeling isolated."

Sam is married with three young children. Living in the South West, he spends any free time encouraging them to surf and play rugby!

Toby Rix
Co-founder and Director

Design, making & crafting has always been intrinsically important to Toby. In recent years, he has worked in the events industry to design & deliver construction projects for communities and organisations all across the globe and has previously designed products that promote & encourage woodworking for children & hobbyists. For many years Toby has also run a design practice and has helped provide bespoke design, branding & marketing for companies across the South West of the UK.


Toby holds a first-class honours degree in Product Design from Brunel University and his work has previously been exhibited at New Designers in London.

“I’ve truly come to believe in the importance of people having something in their lives that they work on with their hands… something tactile, something tangible… and whether it’s through work or as a hobby, it can be really invigorating and instil a sense of pride in people.

That’s one of the important pillars of HandsOn (and certainly helped with the name), giving people a chance to get together and engage in experiences that are palpable.

Pairing this with helping communities and local groups, our HandsOn days really do benefit everyone involved.”

Outside of HandsOn, Toby loves spending time learning new skills, cycling along the East Devon coastline or in the sea… attempting to surf.