Design services.

Having an internal design team within HandsOn allows us to design unique and bespoke projects which fit the specific needs and requirements of each charity. Our design process goes through several steps which ensure that the final design is also fit for purpose whilst also complying with all the relevant standards (like the BS EN 1176).

Our design process does vary between projects, but the list below is representative of the steps taken to get to the final designs…

Transforming designs into reality…

Full design consultation.

We go through a full design consultation with the main stakeholders of the school, charity or community:

  • Involves talking to the charity about its specific requirements, priorities and restrictions.
  • Measuring out the space that is wanting to be developed.
  • Exploring several design options which will be presented to the charity, where they can design which one they prefer.

  • Creating a 3D CAD model.

  • We go through all the feedback with the beneficiary to talk through any amendments and adjustments before the final designs are produced.
  • We make ensure the beneficiary is completely happy with the plans and get final sign-off by the stakeholders. 
  • After sign-off we can start the ball-rolling and begin to plan the HandsOn build… this involves breaking down the whole design into individual components and showing the specific dimensions and type of timber which allows participants to accurately build the components.