Vranch House | Exeter, Devon

Fully-accessible & inclusive Sensory Garden Path

A new fully-inclusive path for the children and staff at Vranch House…

The HandsOn team have designed and installed a new garden path that will improve year-round accessibility to the garden area at the specialist school.

A bit about Vranch House…

Vranch House School provides unique learning opportunities for children aged 2 to 18 with significant physical difficulties. Children may experience associated difficulties including: visual impairment and/or hearing impairment, speech, language and communication needs, severe, multiple and profound learning needs or complex medical needs. Educational and clinical work is integrated in a curriculum developed specifically to meet the challenges these children face both now and in the future.

Design of the wheelchair-accessible garden path at Vranch House

This project has aimed to get the support and backing from numerous companies, donors and groups to help fund the path and to improve engagement with the outside space from the children who use the centre.

One of the companies who helped with the first phase of the project was Thomson Reuters.

The team from Exeter got stuck in with the project and helped the HandsOn team with installing some of the decking boards on a section of the path.

The team also helped with some garden maintenance including sanding and re-oiling the basket swing we installed back in August 2022.

The project gathered momentum throughout the second half of 2023, with more and more support from individuals and local businesses.

One organisation that provided a financial contribution towards the path was the Wooden Spoon Charity, who have been supporters of Vranch House for many years.

Their contribution helped fund the first section of the path to allow wheelchair and bed access to the basket swing area.

Over 100 metres of path was installed in the garden made from innovative and sustainable materials including:

  • 100% recycled plastic from DCW Polymers that prevents Devon waste from going to landfill or incineration
  • Bamboo composite decking that is long lasting and low-maintenance

The deck frame was also constructed with cable passing through for future plans to automate the path so that wheelchairs can be driven around the sensory path.

Final Photos

Project Photos

Thank you to everyone that contributed towards this project…