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School Cabin for King James Academy

A new cabin for the pupils at King James Academy…

With over 90 volunteers from St. James’s Place, we built an outdoor cabin directly in-between King James Academy’s Junior and Senior site.

The cabin was built in the school’s wild Millennium Field that was established at the turn of the century with rare local grasses from the local parish.

We also established new paths in the field so pupils from both sites can be connected in one shared space and use it for lessons and activities surrounded by nature.

In addition to this, St. James’s Place and HandsOn built a new playground equipment for the younger pupils that include monkey bars, balance beams and a traverse wall.

“It is really heartwarming that there are many companies and corporations out there that give so much back to schools. It’s well documented that schools don’t have infinite budget so it’s really nice there are partnerships out there that do offer that support to us at the school.”

Tom Linnane, Primary Deputy Headteacher at King James Academy Royston

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