Meet our team…

Meet our team of builders, designers, planners and doers.

Sam Harradine

Co-founder & Managing Director

Managing HandsOn has come after several years in the industry working with businesses, business schools, universities and sports teams to plan and deliver high-quality team building and ‘away days’ that benefit charities, communities and schools all over the world. Previous to working in the corporate events industry, Sam spent 15 years in the Royal Navy, commissioning through the ranks and leaving as a Lieutenant Commander.

“Getting people together, working outside, getting HandsOn and doing something that individuals have never done before is a great way to help build a team. More importantly, creating something lasting for a charity or community gives a massive sense of achievement and pride.

Attending one of our fun filled, actioned packed HandsOn days can help any individual and team, especially in these uncertain times where many people have found themselves working from home and are perhaps feeling isolated.”

Sam is married with three young children. Living in the South West, he spends any free time encouraging them to surf and play rugby!

Toby Rix

Co-founder & Director

Design, making & crafting has always been intrinsically important to Toby. In recent years, he has worked in the events industry to design & deliver construction projects for communities and organisations all across the globe and has previously designed products that promote & encourage woodworking for children & hobbyists. For many years Toby has also run a design practice and has helped provide bespoke design, branding & marketing for companies.

“I’ve truly come to believe in the importance of people having something in their lives that they work on with their hands… something tactile, something tangible… and whether it’s through work or as a hobby, it can be really invigorating and instil a sense of pride in people.

That’s one of the important pillars of HandsOn (and certainly helped with the name), giving people a chance to get together and engage in experiences that are palpable.

Pairing this with helping communities and local groups, our HandsOn days really do benefit everyone involved.”

Toby holds a first-class honours degree in Product Design from Brunel University and his work has previously been exhibited at New Designers in London.

Outside of HandsOn, Toby loves spending time learning new skills, cycling along the East Devon coastline or in the sea… attempting to surf.

Lloyd Murrin

Project Operations

Working in community and school environments has always been a passion for Lloyd, having spent most of his professional life working in schools and providing educational opportunities for communities around the southwest.

“I’m extremely passionate about working with communities to develop, improve and help positive change to allow them to realise their full potential. After seeing that HandsOn have that same drive I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

To get the chance to work with a multitude of diverse people to make a difference is truly incredible. Here at HandsOn we get to do this every day and it’s something I’ll never take for granted”.

Outside of HandsOn Lloyd can be found playing local sport, exploring a new place or fishing usually without catching!

Ben Rix

Design & Marketing

Ben has previously worked as a Product Designer for a design consultancy where he helped inventors and start-ups commercialise their new ideas from concept to manufacture.

A product design graduate from Bournemouth University, his skill set includes 3D CAD modelling, technical manufacturing and drawings, engineering testing and graphic design as well as HandsOn experience working with wood, metal and plastics. His work has also been exhibited at New Designers.

“The most rewarding thing about being a designer is when you see your designs come to life and watch the end user enjoy the space.”

Outside of HandsOn, Ben enjoys being outdoors with most of his time being spent in the water surfing all around Devon and Cornwall.

Our wider team.

We have a fantastic group of people that help us deliver our projects across the UK, from specialist tradespeople to independent filmmakers…

Our supporters.

Harry Hill


Peter Gordon


Simon Allen

Matthew Hill

Rupert Hill

Martin Robinson

Our story…

Having spent years designing and delivering projects all over the globe, the HandsOn founders – Sam and Toby – wanted to build a company that brought people together through shared experiences that benefit communities all over the UK.

Exciting news! We are rebuilding a vital play facility for the children of Stockwell in London, for the incredible @oasisplaylondon charity.

In one of London’s most diverse and deprived communities, Oasisplay is dedicated to creating innovative and inclusive outdoor play and learning spaces. Their mission? Empowering disabled, non-disabled children and young people to lead active, happy, and fulfilled lives.

Sadly, the lack of safe outdoor areas means the local children suffer from a nature deficit and inactive lives. The main play structure at the centre of the site (second photo)– an absolute favourite of the children as it got them climbing, running, hiding and leaping – has been decommissioned and partly taken down as it has reached the end of its life. 

Despite challenges, Oasisplay has secured funding from the @londonmarathon Charitable Trust’s Active Spaces Fund.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, contact us by:
Calling us on +44 1392 304013 or emailing us at

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Did you know that corporate volunteering isn't just about giving back? It also contributes to productivity gains worth at least £4.6 billion annually!
Check out this insightful article by The Times highlighting the benefits of corporate volunteering:

Whether you're looking to climb the career ladder or embark on a new journey, volunteering can be your secret weapon for personal and professional growth. It's not just about helping others—it's about helping yourself too! 

#GiveAHelpingHand #GetHandsOn #CorporateVolunteering
Last week marked a special occasion for @vranchhouse with the opening of their Garden Sensory Path, a fully-accessible and inclusive garden haven. 

The path has been installed to improve year-round accessibility to the garden for all children at the school whilst also providing a multisensory journey, inviting the children to explore, reflect, and connect with nature. It includes a sensory pod with warp mirrors, texture boards and a ball-run game, and a collection of sensory boards along the path.

Thank you to the individuals that contributed to this project including Harry Hill, Ed Jones, Kevin Hollinrake, Justin Bates, Peter Gordon, Dick Warner, Anthony Ekins, Chris Clarke, Niki Waterhouse, David Steventon, Martin Robinson and Lester Wilson.

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Happy International Women’s Day from HandsOn! 

Today, we’re taking a moment to recognise and appreciate the incredible women who have played vital roles in our projects. Their talent, dedication, and diverse perspectives have truly enriched our work and made it even more impactful. From leadership positions to behind-the-scenes contributions, these women have consistently brought innovation, creativity, and a collaborative spirit to our teams. 

Thank you for your invaluable contributions in driving our success forward! 

#IWD2024 #HandsOnForEquality #GetHandsOn
A few weeks ago, we had an amazing time at @oasisplaylondon Adventure Playground conducting a design workshop with the children for an upcoming project. We collaborated closely with the young minds of Oasisplay to gather ideas for their playground rebuild. 
A huge thank you goes out to PRELOADED for generously providing us with iPads to facilitate these workshops. PRELOADED lent their support to HandsOn, enabling us to engage the children at Oasisplay effectively. With the iPads, the children were able to interact with and view the designs in augmented reality right at the Oasisplay site in Stockwell, London.

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Team building activities play a crucial role in fostering a positive work environment and enhancing team dynamics in the workplace. The HandsOn days that bring about team building are important to companies for several reasons, here are 5 of them:

1. Improved Communication: Team building activities encourage open communication among team members. By participating in interactive exercises and challenges, employees learn to communicate effectively, share ideas, and collaborate more efficiently.

2. Enhanced Collaboration: Engaging in team building activities promotes collaboration and teamwork. Through shared experiences and working towards common goals, team members learn to trust and support each other, leading to stronger bonds and increased productivity.

3. Boosted Morale and Motivation: Team building activities serve as a morale booster for employees. By providing opportunities for fun and relaxation outside of the usual work tasks, these activities help reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and reignite motivation.

4. Development of Leadership Skills: Team building activities offer opportunities for individuals to showcase and develop their leadership abilities. Whether leading a team through a challenge or facilitating discussions, participants can hone their leadership skills in a supportive environment.

5. Identification and Utilization of Strengths: Team building activities help identify individual strengths and talents within the team. By recognizing each other’s abilities, team members can leverage their strengths to achieve common goals more effectively.

Overall, team building activities are essential for creating a cohesive and motivated team that works together harmoniously to achieve organizational goals. By fostering communication, collaboration, and trust, these activities contribute to a positive work culture and enhance overall performance in the workplace.

So the real question is… when are you going to get HandsOn this year?

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Ever wonder how far we go for projects at HandsOn?

While our office is based in Devon, our reach spans the entire UK. From Devon to Glasgow, our builds dot the landscape, and with our mobile team of experts, we bring the project directly to you, wherever you are.

Whether you represent a school, charity, or any group eager to bring a project to life, reach out to us today. Let’s turn your vision into reality!

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Here are some of the recycled plastic board offcuts from the @VranchHouse sensory path project. One of the great benefits of using the recycled plastics boards from @dcwpolymers is that all the offcuts can be re-processed and made back into full length boards again. This prevents them from going into landfill or incineration, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of the product.

These small efforts are all part of our ongoing commitment of being @esgmark_official certified and to improve our Environmental, Social and Governance practices.

#RecycledPlastics #Sustainability #SustainablePractices #EnvironmentalImpact  #ESG #GetHandsOn
This week we revisited one of our 2022 projects that we built with @crowe_uk for @shadwellcommunityproject... The ‘Crowe’s Nest’ looks as good as ever and we are thrilled to hear  it’s well used all year round for games and activities by the local community in East London!

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Having an internal design team within HandsOn allows us to design unique and bespoke projects which fit the specific needs and requirements of each charity. Our design process goes through several steps which ensure that the final design is also fit for purpose whilst also complying with all the relevant standards.

Find out more about our design services in the bio!

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