Meet our team…

Meet our team of designers, builders, planners and doers.

Sam Harradine

Co-founder & Managing Director

Managing HandsOn has come after several years in the industry working with businesses, business schools, universities and sports teams to plan and deliver high-quality team building and ‘away days’ that benefit charities, communities and schools all over the world. Previous to working in the corporate events industry, Sam spent 15 years in the Royal Navy, commissioning through the ranks and leaving as a Lieutenant Commander.

“Getting people together, working outside, getting HandsOn and doing something that individuals have never done before is a great way to help build a team. More importantly, creating something lasting for a charity or community gives a massive sense of achievement and pride.

Attending one of our fun filled, actioned packed HandsOn days can help any individual and team, especially in these uncertain times where many people have found themselves working from home and are perhaps feeling isolated.”

Sam is married with three young children. Living in the South West, he spends any free time encouraging them to surf and play rugby!

Toby Rix

Co-founder & Director

Design, making & crafting has always been intrinsically important to Toby. In recent years, he has worked in the events industry to design & deliver construction projects for communities and organisations all across the globe and has previously designed products that promote & encourage woodworking for children & hobbyists. For many years Toby has also run a design practice and has helped provide bespoke design, branding & marketing for companies.

“I’ve truly come to believe in the importance of people having something in their lives that they work on with their hands… something tactile, something tangible… and whether it’s through work or as a hobby, it can be really invigorating and instil a sense of pride in people.

That’s one of the important pillars of HandsOn (and certainly helped with the name), giving people a chance to get together and engage in experiences that are palpable.

Pairing this with helping communities and local groups, our HandsOn days really do benefit everyone involved.”

Toby holds a first-class honours degree in Product Design from Brunel University and his work has previously been exhibited at New Designers in London.

Outside of HandsOn, Toby loves spending time learning new skills, cycling along the East Devon coastline or in the sea… attempting to surf.

Ben Rix


Ben has previously worked as a Product Designer for a design consultancy where he helped inventors and start-ups commercialise their new ideas from concept to manufacture.

A product design graduate from Bournemouth University, his skill set includes 3D CAD modelling, technical manufacturing and drawings, engineering testing and graphic design as well as HandsOn experience working with wood, metal and plastics. His work has also been exhibited at New Designers.

“The most rewarding thing about being a designer is when you see your designs come to life and watch the end user enjoy the space.”

Outside of HandsOn, Ben enjoys being outdoors with most of his time being spent in the water surfing all around Devon and Cornwall.

Lloyd Murrin

Project Manager

Working in community and school environments has always been a passion for Lloyd, having spent most of his professional life working in schools and providing educational opportunities for communities around the southwest.

“I’m extremely passionate about working with communities to develop, improve and help positive change to allow them to realise their full potential. After seeing that HandsOn have that same drive I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

To get the chance to work with a multitude of diverse people to make a difference is truly incredible. Here at HandsOn we get to do this every day and it’s something I’ll never take for granted”.

Outside of HandsOn Lloyd can be found playing local sport, exploring a new place or fishing usually without catching!

Lee Randall

Team Member

Building new facilities and opportunities for communities has always given Lee lots of fulfilment and enjoyment. Lee loves the team environment and his practical and management skills help ensure our builds are constructed to the highest quality.

Seeing everyone leave behind a new facility feeling energised and proud of their efforts never gets boring!”

Outside of HandsOn, Lee enjoys exploring on his motorbike and working on his own projects in his garden. He also has a keen involvement in wildlife conservation in Africa.

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Our story…

Having spent years designing and delivering projects all over the globe, the HandsOn founders – Sam and Toby – wanted to build a company that brought people together through shared experiences that benefit communities all over the UK.

Last December, HandsOn and @avocetrecruitment built a new Amur Leopard platform at @dartmoorzoo, which is part of an ambitious project to help bring critically endangered Amur Leopards back from the brink of extinction.
We are now excited to announce that “the world’s rarest big cat” has arrived and settling into his new space. Freddo’s enclosure is now open to view for the public, so if you have a free weekend coming up, go give them a visit!
Read the full article and interview with Benjamin Mee (CEO at Dartmoor Zoological Socierty) about Freddo here:
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HandsOn delivers bespoke designed offices, studios and cabins in a range of sizes, shapes and layouts.

From initial designs and site preparation to groundworks and the final construction, we offer a complete end-to-end service.

If you would like to find out more, follow the link in our bio and if you would like to receive a quote for your next project, contact us by:
Calling us on +44 1392 304013 or emailing us at

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HandsOn was founded with a focus on developing more sustainable practices within the industry. We try and do this in a number of ways, one example of this is by building with recycled plastic products from @dcwpolymers. 
They focus on recycling as much plastic as possible and converting it into a reusable resource to make new products. Not only does this protect valuable resources from going to landfill or incineration, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of products that are made using recycled content in place of virgin polymers.

#RecycledPlastics #Sustainability #SustainablePractices #EnvironmentalImpact #GetHandsOn
It’s been a while since we did a spotlight on one of the great organisations that we’ve worked with and what better way to kick things back off by featuring the wonderful charity, @vranchhouse! 

Situated in Exeter, Vranch House provides children, aged 2 to 18 with physical difficulties, a facility where they receive care, education, training, treatment and welfare. They also advise, help or cater for the needs of the parents or carer. We are absolutely honoured to build this sensory path for them and can’t wait to see the faces on the staff and children when it finally opens for them to use.

Vranch House are now looking for donations for Phase two of the sensory path. Any donors who would like to ‘buy a board’ and help support the centre will get a dedicated plaque as a thank you. If you’re interested and would like more information or costings:
Email -

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Phase one at @vranchhouse is nearly complete! Last week we were lucky enough to have the team from @thomsonreuters to help us on the sensory path and maintenance jobs which we a super grateful for.
Here are a few updated photos of the path which will help with year-round accessibility!

#Sustainability #RecycledPlastic #GetHandsOn #ChildrensPlayArea #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces
Here are some updated photos on how the @vranchhouse project is going! The deck framing is nearly complete with the cable passing through for the auto track to drive the wheelchairs around the sensory path. This is being installed to improve year-round accessibility to the garden for all the children at the school!

#Sustainability #RecycledPlastic #GetHandsOn #ChildrensPlayArea #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces
This week, we’ve started the first phase of the new garden path at @vranchhouse. The path is being installed to improve year-round accessibility to the garden for all the children at the school and will be constructed completely out of sustainable materials, including @dcwpolymers’ 100% Recycled UK Plastic boards.

#DesignProjects #Sustainability #RecycledPlastic #GetHandsOn #ChildrensPlayArea #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces
With over 60 helping hands from @sjpwealth, we rebuilt a treehouse in the heart of Stockwell, London at the @oasisplaylondon nature garden.
This space is used by hundreds of children every year and with the addition of a new wheelchair accessible ramp up to the treehouse, we can’t wait to see the local community and children enjoy this exciting new build!

#CommunityProject #HandsOn #TreehouseDesign #DesignProjects #ChildrensPlayArea #OasisPlay #LondonProjects #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces
What a great project we had last week with the @sjpwealth London team and partners. Here are the final photos from the project where we built a brand new treehouse with a wheelchair accessible ramp, slide and lots of interactive elements for the awesome people at @oasisplaylondon. 

#CommunityProject #HandsOn #TreehouseDesign #DesignProjects #ChildrensPlayArea #OasisPlay #LondonProjects #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces
This week we’re at @oasisplaylondon helping to rebuild their treehouse for the early years children that use the nature garden as a green oasis in the heart of Stockwell London. 

With a helping hand from the @sjpwealth team and partnerships, we are adding a wheelchair accessible ramp up to the treehouse and will be adding lots of interactive elements for children of all ages. Here is a team photo from the first project day, stay tuned to see the final transformation!

#CommunityProject #HandsOn #TreehouseDesign #DesignProjects #ChildrensPlayArea #OasisPlay #LondonProjects #ChildrensOutdoorSpaces